Online BBS FAQ

Q: Why do the Big Book Study online?

A: This Big Book Study has been going on every year since the early 1980’s and the recent pandemic has caused a cancellation. We have been very encouraged by the success of other AA events using video conferencing software and thought, “Why not us?”

Q: Why Zoom?

A: The choice of video conferencing platforms is not an endorsement of the platform and we are in no way affiliated with Zoom. The familiarity of the platform as well as the scale of the expected participation are the primary drivers of the decision.

Q: What are you doing to protect the privacy and anonymity of participants?

A: This is a fluid answer and we are open to suggestions. To start with we will disable recording via the software interface. Users can join anonymously if they know how and perhaps a guide to show them how is needed.

Q: What are you doing to protect participants from being exposed to explicit or hurtful content?

A: Although we are sure that members enjoy the use of virtual backgrounds, screen sharing and chat, these features will be disabled. We have volunteers who will scan the participants video feeds and profile pictures and members who abuse their use will be removed permanently without warning.

Q: Will audio recordings be available?

A: At this time we have no plans to record the audio.